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Our Team


Dian Irnani

Director of Operations

Dian Irnani on Mount Kerinci

Dian is the head of operations and the main driver behind JTRACE SG. Since 2005, she has been involved in the outdoor education industry providing outdoor adventure sessions, programmes and treks for various companies in Singapore.

Stemming from her experience, Dian decided to launch JTRACE SG as a co-founder to provide outdoor education and adventures to people in the region and share her passion through these means.

When not leading outdoor programmes and treks in Singapore or abroad, she enjoys kayaking, trekking and rock-climbing and spending family time as a mother and wife.


She has been an avid climber and trekker since 2007 and her expeditions have taken her to pretty wild places like the jungles of Malaysia, volcanoes of Indonesia, Himalayas in Nepal and the Alborz and Zagros mountains of Iran and Turkey.

Jeremy Tong

Adventure Consultant and Advisor

Jeremy Tong Professional
Jeremy Tong on Mount Everest Camp 3


Jeremy Tong is a Singaporean who has been in the outdoor industry for more than 15 years, leading international climbing and trekking expeditions around the world and providing training locally and internationally. He has climbed a total of 44 mountains, including two ascents of Mount Everest in 2017 and 2019 (Summit) and two 7000m snow leopard mountains in Central Asia. When he started guiding, mentoring and training trekking teams in Singapore to go climbing overseas, he realised that he could turn his passion into a business.


He has been in many areas of the outdoor industry. From outdoor equipment retail to sales and marketing to outdoor education to corporate team building. Jeremy is a trained facilitator, TEDx Speaker, a Singapore Mountaineering Federation climbing instructor and Singapore Canoe Federation Kayak Coach. He also holds various whitewater, lifesaving, kayaking and sailing qualifications and is also a certified behavioural and career coach and DiSC profiler.

Aspirations for JTRACE

Jeremy hopes to expand his team to provide outdoor adventure services to individuals, teams and companies in Singapore and in the region.

Jeremy strongly believes that there is no dream too big to achieve, no mountain too high and no problem too difficult to solve. As a team, we can overcome all challenges.

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