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JTRACE Advisors

Our experts are hand-picked partners who are experts in their fields and provide advisory to all our program's safety and development.

JTRACE Apparel and Gear Expert - Wei Zhong

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Wei Zhong is the founder and owner of Gearaholic. He believes firmly in the importance of having the right gear for different adventures. Gearaholic is a partner of JTRACE and Wei Zhong provides a value-added service of dealing with all JTRACE customers first-hand.

"At Gearaholic, our passion for the outdoors drives our relentless quest for quality adventure gear. From scenic nature hikes to rigorous mountain scaling, we believe in the importance of suiting up with the right getup and equipment for your expeditions to the great outdoors."

JTRACE Travel Insurance Expert - Alex

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Alex spent a rewarding 15 years in the Singapore Armed Forces as a military officer and was involved in the development and implementation of security policies. (2012 - Security zoning in SAF), advisory on security policies, processes and procedures within SAF as well as auditing of security readiness of SAF units. 

Alex made the switch to become a Financial Advisor for IPP Financial Advisors Pte Ltd in 2015 and subsequently helped ensure that all JTRACE clients are in the safest hands possible before leaving on any trip, holiday or expedition.

JTRACE Glacier Travel Expert - Kyle


Kyle Lek is currently an OBS instructor and was previously a glacier guide for Icelandic Mountain Guides. Before he joined IMG in the spring of 2018, he spent his time in the military, mountaineering and trail-running. His passion for the great outdoors led him to various mountaineering expeditions manly in Nepal, Pakistan and China; at the age of 22, he attempted Broad Peak in the Karakoram.

Kyle also happens to have a background in Culinary Arts, Ceramics Manufacturing and Hotel Hospitality. He enjoys taking photos and sketching and his motto is " Run Wild, Climb Free".

JTRACE Team Building Expert - Yong Jun

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Yongjun is a trained adventure learning facilitator who specializes in facilitating corporate training, team building activities and adventure learning. He has facilitated & led programmes for MNCs such as Hospira, Unilever, Bayer and Hermes, government agencies such as MOM and MTI, and statutory boards such as EDB and LTA. He is also a WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment (ACTA) certified trainer and assessor.

Since his University days, Yongjun has been an avid outdoor and adventure sports enthusiast with a keen interest for mountain climbing and trekking. Some of his notable achievements include Mount Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp and Mount Semeru and Rinjani. He also possesses a Level 2 Sports Climbing Certificate and a 2 Star Kayaking Certificate.

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