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JTRACE Everest Training (JET)

JTRACE Everest Training (JET) is our specialised fitness training programme that is customised to your fitness levels and your mountain objectives. JET was developed by the co-founder of JTRACE, who is a Mount Everest summiteer and a graduate from the Nanyang Technological University's (Bsc) Sports Science and Management Program and has a proven record to achieve your mountain goals.

Our JET is progressive and manageable for people of all ages. We make sure use of natural environments to simulate the mountains and our youngest trainee is 12 years old and the oldest is 62 years old.

Location: Bukit Timah Hill, Mount Faber, HDB Stairs, Sportshub and other various locations.

Audience: JTRACE expedition clients, tertiary institutions, school clubs, corporate companies planning for expeditions

Past events: Singapore Cancer Society, Yishun Town Secondary School and Sports SG.

Costs: (Please contact us below) 

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